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Chairman of the Board

Dear Business Partners, After the pandemic era ended there was an increase in electricity demand in 2022 despite rising electricity costs.
On a global scale, commodity prices increased due to geopolitical tensions, and the Russo-Ukrainian War, which predictably reflected on the Turkish energy markets. Electricity prices continued to rise in the first and second halves of 2022. .
Rising natural gas and coal prices, and rising electricity demand due to weather temperatures, were also among the main factors pushing the price up. Unpredictable increases in electricity prices in Europe were more serious than in Türkiye, and in this direction, important industrial establishments came to a standstill due to costs.
During these developments in the energy market, Yıldırım Energy Holding continued to plan its important and strategic investments.
We focused on main activities such as energy production, energy trade, engineering services and technical services in Türkiye and internationally with the aim of directing sectoral changes and making a difference in the energy industry. YILDIRIM Energy Holding will increase its energy production capacity until 2030 with renewable energy projects, especially on solar energy. We target a total of 1000 MWh energy production capacity until 2030.
Yours Sincerely,
Mustafa KURNAZ
YEH CEO & Board Member