We give serious consideration to hindering global warming and its dramatic impacts through our investments in renewable energy resources.

At YILDIRIM Energy, we feel a longing for living on a clean and sustainable planet. To embrace a better future for all, we take bold steps, shouldering full responsibility and harnessing the power of nature in our actions to reach Net Zero by 2050.


To achieve the Net Zero Target, one of the key actions to combat the global climate crisis is to produce energy without greenhouse gas emissions. In line with sustainable growth targets, we focus our investments on renewable energy to reach a clean environment and reduce the devastating impacts of global warming.

We reduce greenhouse emissions of approximately 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide through investments in renewable energy. Gullubag HEPP located in Erzurum has been registered by VCS (Verified Carbon Standard), reducing emissions of approximately 193,000 tons per year. The other renewable energy plant in Nevsehir, Bayramhacili HEPP reduces emissions of 95,000 tons per year, becoming the first power plant entitled to a green energy certificate, IREC, in Türkiye. Besides, Hasanlar Kanal HEPP in Düzce is enlisted in the Renewable Energy Resource Guarantee System (YEK-G) created by EPİAŞ, reducing emissions of approximately 13,000 tons per year.