We fulfill a pledge to protect the planet Earth through effective waste management and renewable energy implementations

We care for the next and future generations because we want to pass them a more livable world free from irreversible damages and hazards while improving their well-being and living standards. For this reason, we remain deeply devoted to realizing our collaborative responsibilities to see a better future based on renewable energy and retain our commitments to our Environment Policy in line with international standards and frameworks on quality management.


Human is the key component that leads to the most devastating impacts when producing waste which is destructive and detrimental to nature and living creatures. It is now a global agenda item that nature is exposed to hazardous waste, and the impacts of this waste invite a big disaster in the short and long term. The fact that industrial high-hazard waste becomes present in nature and greenhouse gases cause global climate crisis are some of the most critical issues of all.

Blazing a trail for renewable energy resources and striving to prevent potential disasters, we and all of our subsidiaries are pledged not to produce high-hazard waste in our activities. That is why we manage waste in compliance with the 5 pillars of the “Waste Hierarchy”: Prevention, Reuse, Recycling, Recovery, and Disposal framed by our company procedures and policies on the environment.