The pillar of strength for numerous industrialists and high-consumption customers in power and gas trading.


YETAŞ (YILDIRIM Enerji Tedarik A.Ş.) manages YILDIRIM Energy Group's energy trading program, which was established in 2015, gaining a prestigious place in the energy supply market in 2016. YETAŞ has been serving a growing portfolio of eligible consumers for many years. As part of energy trading activities, YETAŞ is also an active player in the Turkish balancing power market, intraday and day-ahead markets.

With its highly experienced team, YETAŞ carries out daily transactions that increase profitability in energy markets and supply electricity at advantageous prices compared to spot market prices through bilateral agreements. It provides consultancy services for the electricity needs of the various factories in Central and South Eastern Europe with extensive experience and well-established commercial cooperation in the relevant region.