Dynamo of the energy sector that delivers high-quality services in various fields to local and international markets and invests in renewable energy projects


YILDIRIM Group first entered the energy industry in 2010. Now, the Group’s energy investments are carried out by YILDIRIM Energy. Leveraging on its resources and its technical and financial assets, YILDIRIM Energy provides services in various fields, such as construction, engineering and consultancy, project management, power generation, power plant operations, and energy trade.

YILDIRIM Energy has ambitious plans to produce new solar power plants and build wind and geothermal power projects across its markets for the next 5 years, while aiming at reaching 3GW energy production capacity by 2030 and becoming the leading electricity producer with a renewable energy portfolio in Türkiye. In alignment with these plans, YILDIRIM Energy is strongly committed to passing on a great place to live for future generations, efficiently using resources and utilizing sustainable energy, with attention to detail for environmental factors in all our activities.